Friday, June 4, 2010

Knickernappies Giveaway!!

Another giveaway organized by Cloth Diaper Malaysia and sponsored by and Knickernappies.

" These Knickernappies pocket diapers are side snapping, and comes with 2 inserts. They are 100% Made in USA. They are also One-sized! The unique side snapping feature allows more flexibility for baby’s movements. It also provides baby a smooth tummy appearance and the material is very soft. This doesn’t bulk over the stomach and creates comfort for tummy sleeper baby".

THREE (3) lucky winners will win a Knickernappies One Size Pocket Diaper worth RM89 each!

Giveaway date is from 11th MAY 2010 until 11th JUNE 2010 and open to those with Malaysian addresses only!

A baby in Knickernappies CD

For further information please visit Cloth Diaper Malaysia or just click here.

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